Monday, June 17, 2013

Audio Book Week Monday Discussion topic

Monday: 2012-2013, Your Audiobook Year
Are you new to audiobooks in the last year? Have you been listening to them forever but discovered something new this year? Favorite titles? New times/places to listen? This is your chance to introduce yourself and your general listening experience. 

I have been listening to audio books steadily since 2006 when my Husband bought me a MP3 player that came with a trial membership to Audible (because I had mentioned that I wanted to fill my 1/2 hour one way commute time more constructively) and I haven't turned back since (I actually wore that MP3 player out.  I use my phone most of the time for listening now).  I generally listen in the car but I do occasionally listen while I am doing stuff on the computer .  I also use my audible app to listen before bed as I can set the app to go off by itself.  I also listen while I am walking  for exercise.  I actually like to listen to longer books most of the time. I think I like to listen to longer books because that way I can read shorter books and get more read that way.  I have listened to most of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  I listened to Under the Dome by Stephen King last year.  I have Game of Thrones ready to go.  I almost exclusively listen to James Patterson books on audio, They make a good filler book as I will quite often take a break in the middle of the longer books and listen to a shorter book. I also like to listen to Ted Dekker  books on audio. I have noticed that I also like to listen to biographies and autobiographies on audio and it is usually a plus when the book is read by the person it is about (I listened to two books read by Carol Burnett and one read by Kristin Chenowith)  One series of books that did not work for me on audio was The Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke.  I didn't like the recipes read to me.  They are a more visual experience for me.


  1. I have the audible app on my iPhone, but am still listening through iTunes. Didn't know you could set the app to shut itself off (so convenient!). I really need to start using it!

  2. SO interesting to see your history with audiobooks. I really need to explore more genres with audiobooks - so far I don't think I like listening to classics (or books in the style of classics), but I'm not sure if I'll like non-fiction yet or not as I haven't tried any.

  3. The Outlander audio books are wonderful!

  4. Outlander is one series I'd like to try on audio.


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