Monday, February 7, 2011

Where Hearts are Free by Golden Keyes Parsons

Where Hearts Are Free (A Darkness to Light Novel) Where Hearts are Free by Golden Keyes Parsons

Bridget is in love with one man...and promised to another.

Amid the liberty and promise of the New World, Bridget Barrington and Phillipe Clavell fall in love. But nothing about their love seems possible.

To pay for the Clavell family's passage from France, Philippe, a former member of French royalty, worked as an indentured slave to the Barringtons. Bridget is the heiress of the prominent plantation.

When Bridget's parents discover the budding Romance between their daughter and their servant, they quickly orchestrate her engagement to an older, more advantageous match. But Edward Moorehead has a secret. And he's anything but a good match for Bridget.

Separated from her true love and in danger from her betrothed, Bridget must rely on God to deliver her from darkness into light.

Gold Keyes Parsons is an author as well as a popular conference and retreat leader. Her first series is the highly acclaimed Darkness to Light trilogy. She and her family live in Texas.

My Take:
This is the Third in a series but you don't need to read the first two to enjoy this book.  I have already bought the first book in the series though just because this book got me curious about what happened before.

First off I just love the author's name.  And then the cover for this book is just wonderful. 

Bridget has basically grown up with Philippe.  She has told him of her deepest fears and told him her secrets, including one of witnessing a murder on her parents land.  She has grown to love him.  Although Phillipe is of noble blood, in this country he is just a servant so Bridget's parents are against the match. 

Bridget confesses her love to Phillipe but because he is honarable he denies his true feelings for her and she is left now other recourse than to become engaged and marry Edward Moorehead.

But something is sinister about Edward and he has alot of questionable business dealings going on. 

This book kept my interest and had me holding my breath with anticipation of what was going to happen next.  A word of caution hear there are some unsavory things that happen in the book and although the author does not go into to much detail they are still there so I would not recommend this book for a a girl until she was a mature teenager.

An excellent book and I cannot wait till I read the first two book. If you like historical fiction I would highly recommend this book.

I received this book as part of the Book Sneeze Program by Thomas Nelson.  (I must confess to not reading this in a timely manner having had it for several months.)

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  1. I'm so glad to see this review. This book is up next in my TBR pile. Sounds like I'm gonna love it. Thanks.


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