Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Monday What are You Reading?

It's Monday What Are you Reading is sponsored by Sheila at Bookjourney

so Here is what my week  Looks like.

Last week I got alot of book reviewed.

Life in Defiance by Mary DeMurth  review is here
Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell  review is here
Art of Devotion by Samantha Bruce-Benjamin review is  here
Hurricanes in Paradise by Denise Hildreth review is here
Sins of the Mother by Victoria Christopher Murray review is here
Conflicts with Interest by Michael Ruddy Review is here
Beyond the Map's Boundaries by Nibi Soto  review is  here

Up for this week are :
Seeds of Summer by Deborah Vogts

Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James

Masked by Moonlight by Nacy Gideon

Influenza Bomb by Paul McCusker and Walt Larimore

Ransome's Crossing by Kay Dacus

Somewhere to Belong by Judith Miller

Still Working on (these are not read everyday or often so they will take a while)

Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye

Against All Odds (Heroes of Quantico Series, Book 1) by Irene Hannon  I have this on my phone and only read it when I am waiting somewhere

Fever Dream by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston  (this is my current audio book will probably finish it this week )  if I finish this I will start this

The Last Christian: A Novel by David Gregory

So What Are You Reading? 



  1. You managed to accomplish so much last week! I have only one book in common with you - Masked By Moonlight. The rest are all new to me. I'll have to check them out. Have a great week!

  2. enjoy your book picks this week. i read masked by moonlight last week and i quite enjoyed it. happy reading :)

    Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  3. Lots of great reads! I am excited to see your reviews next week after the readathon! Have fun! :D

  4. Lots of great reading - I didn't know there was a new TSI book out (not that I have read the first one, but it's on my tbr pile). I'll have to check that one out. I loved Against All Odds and currently have the 2nd one in the series in my tbr pile.

  5. I think I'm doing well by getting through 3-4 books a week, then I come on to a most prolific reader's blog and I'm totally blown away! What a great week for you! I reviewed Fever Dream here: I totally loved it!

    My Monday:

  6. I haven't read the first TSI yet either but you don't have to , to read Influenza Bomb. I have started Masked by Moonlight but Haven't really been able to get into it. I am too involved with Influenza Bomb I guess.


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