Friday, June 4, 2010

48 hour book challenge

I am participating in this challenge and started my time officailly at 7:00a.m.  While I was driving no less as I was listening to my audio book. 

I will be updateing this post through out the 48 hours.  I will also be donating a $1 for every hour I read.  I know that isn't as much as some but money is alittle tight now.  

I will be donateing through Donors Choose and I will decide which one next week sometime.  

So I have read for 39 minutes so far.   

8:53a.m.  Ok so I can add another 73 minutes so my total so far is 1 hour and 52 minutes. 

11:00 a.m.  an hour on book online things and 30 minutes of reading.  So total is 2 hours 22 minutes  

12.07 p.m.  Add another 45 minutes to my total.  3 hours and 7 minutes.  finshed the book Huck by Janet Elder  an ARC I got from Shelfawareness.  

4:53 p.m.  only able to add 3 hours for this afternoon.  total is now 6 hours and 7 minutes. 

10:40 a.m. June 5th   I can add another  6 hours so my total is 12 hours and 7 minute plus 2 hours of online bookish things for a grand total so far of 14 hours.  I am a bit disappointed in myself but it seems like life keeps getting in my way.  I won't be able to do anymore reading or listening till later this afternoon but maybe I can get in a good solid couple of hours.  I did manage to finish Innocent by Scott Turow.  

9:06 a.m. June 6th  so my official time ended at 7:00 this morning .  I can add another 7 hours of reading plus another hour of bookish bloggy things.  For a grand total of 22 hours.  Not quite as much as I was hoping for but still a good amount.  

I got three books read :  Huck by Janet Elder  Review will come closer to the release date, Innnocent by Scott Turow  (audio book)  Review will be later this week,  The Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell a book for  Review to come later.  Read alittle out of several other books.  

I will write a separate post about the charity I pick for my donation.  

I will try to visit other blogs throughout the rest of the day to cheerlead Good luck everyone!!!  


  1. Good luck and have tons of fun :)

  2. Wow, you're already doing an awesome job! Have a great time reading.

  3. Off to a great start, I see! Happy reading!

  4. All best wishes to you; I miss not participating as a reader this year but will be cheering everyone on to victory! I am making a donation to donors choose in honor of all who are actively reading in the Challenge. Have fun, check in on you again later!

  5. Off to a great start...this is the first time I've done this challenge, I think it's going alright so far tho :)

  6. Stopping by for a bit of cheerleading! Keep up the great work.

  7. Love the look of your blog! Good luck with the challenge. Come visit mine as well...

  8. Whoot! WHoot! let's read haha. have fun

  9. No disappointment allowed! You're already doing a great job. Happy reading.

  10. Enjoying any concentrated amount of time reading is what the Challenge is all about for the participants, and it sounds like you have done some serious reading! Best wishes as you move close to the finish line!

  11. Great time so far! I know any amount Donors Choose gets they'll be extremely happy for. They were my charity last year. :D Keep it up!

  12. It sounds like you had a great experience. I look forward to your reviews!


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