Friday, May 14, 2010

Read a book donate a book

The good people at have a great program especialy if you have smaller children. You head on over to their website, read one of the books they have online (they are Dk and Penguin books) and then choose the program you would like them to donate a book to, it's that easy.


  1. I don't have younger kids, but this sounds like such a great program. I remember when my boys were in elementary school and their teachers would always have a wishlist at the book fairs. We would always pick some up to donate to their classroom library and the boys felt so special being allowed to have a sticker saying the book was donated by them inside the front cover. Of course, they are total non-readers now, but I guess that is just how it goes sometimes!

  2. This is such a great program. The books are small enough that I can read several everyday to make sure that books get donated. It only takes a few minutes but it makes a BIG difference.


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