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Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn

Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn

BROOKLYN'S FAMED PARK SLOPE neighborhood has it all: sprawling, majestic Prospect Park; acclaimed public schools; historic brownstones; and progressive values. Among bohemian bourgeois breeders, claiming a stake in Park Slope has become a competitive sport.

In the park, at the coffee shops, and on the playgrounds of the neighborhood, four women's lives come together during one long, hot Brooklyn summer. Melora Leigh, a two-time Oscar-winning actress, frustrated with her career and the pressures of raising her adopted toddler, feels the seductive pull of kleptomania; Rebecca Rose, missing the robust sex life of her pre-motherhood days, begins a dangerous flirtation with a handsome neighborhood celebrity; Lizzie O'Donnell, a former lesbian (or "hasbian"), wonders why she is still drawn to women in spite of her sexy husband and adorable baby; and Karen Bryan Shapiro finds herself consumed by two powerful obsessions: her four-year-old son's well-being and snagging the ultimate three-bedroom apartment in a wellmaintained, P.S. 321-zoned co-op building. As the women's paths intertwine (and sometimes collide), each must struggle to keep her man, her sanity...and her playdates.

From the perennially hot author and columnist Amy Sohn comes a smart, sexy, satirical peek into the bedrooms and hearts of Prospect Park West.

My Take:  This book was an okay book for me.  There is quite alot of talk of sex and the actual act of sex so if that offends you this is not the book for you.  It read quickly and would be the ideal book for the beach or on a vacation of some sort.  There is alot of mention of movies and celebrities (one of the main characters is an actress).   I guess that since I am a middle class, older woman it was a bit hard for me to relate to these women.  One of the characters talked about how her husband was gone alot and was complainign about it.  I am married to a truck driver and he is gone for weeks at a time so I did understand where she was coming from.  I did like the way the author took each character and wrote a chapter from their point of view then brought in the next chaarcter for the next chapter.  It really goes to show people that just because you have wealthy and seemily what everyone would consider the good life doesn't mean that you are automaticlly happy. 

I would give this book three stars but I know others will love it (I have already read a review from one of the other blogs on the tour that loved it ).  I read this as a part of a blog tour and you can read more about this books on these blogs:
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Thanks to Sarah at Simon and schuster for providing me with a review copy.  I was not required to write a favorable review.

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  1. I have seen mixed reviews on this one, ranging from loved it to gave up on it. I think I will pass it up this time. Thanks for sharing!


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