Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryken's Bible Handbook

I received this book from Tyndale House to review for their blogger program.  I was very excited when I received it.  
This is a guide to reading the Bible so I will admit that I have not read the entire thing.  I decided that I would read the chapters that applied to my current book of the Bible I was reading for my devotions so I could put the different aspects of the guide into practical use. 

I am currently reading the Book of Joshua so I first looked at that chapter.  Each chapter opens with a fact sheet on that particular book of the Bible.  It gives it's implied purpose, where the author is comming form , the audience it was ment for plus a few more things.  What I liked about the fact sheet is that it ends with a section on The challenges that the reader or someone who is teaching that particular book will encounter.  Then it follows up that section with one on how to meet the challenges. It ends with the most common misconception about the book.

Next there is an outline of book followed by sections that include Key characters, key elements, tips for teaching the book.  Sprinkled through out there are little sidebars like Did you Know? and Key Verse.
The chapter ends with a section on how the book contributes to the Book's story of salvation and ends with a section on applying the book to your life.  The very end has quotes about the that particular books by various different authors and scholars. 

I felt the this guide enhanced my reading of Joshua especially the challenges and applying sections.  I plan on using this guide for the reading of the rest of Bible.  It will be the first thing I consult before I start a new book in the Bible.      

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