Thursday, July 30, 2020

!3 Billion to One by Randy Rusk

13 Billion to One: A Memoir: Winning the $50 Million Lottery Has Its Price  
As a welfare kid who grew up in the streets, Randy Rush had to fight for everything he got and knew what it was like to struggle. So, when he was suddenly handed $50 million in tax free money, he vowed to use his new-found wealth to help others. But what he didn’t see coming was Jeremy Crawford.

In his gripping, adrenaline-packed memoir, Rush takes readers on his rocket-fueled journey after a trip to the corner grocer to buy food for his beloved cat, Conway Kitty, leads to the discovery that he has won Canada’s $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Soaring on a seemingly endless endorphin high, Rush spends the months following his win traveling, feeding his passion for rare sports cars, considering charitable causes, and splurging on friends — paying off their debts and even giving them a free place to stay in million-dollar homes. But his world comes crashing down when he discovers that Dave Crawford, a man he loved like an older brother and had generously provided for, has served him up to his con artist son, Jeremy — who scams Rush out of nearly $5 million.

Reeling from Dave’s betrayal and fueled by the discovery that the Crawfords are serial con artists who have devastated the lives of more than a hundred others, Rush embarks on a mission to take his adversaries down. But as his quest for justice drags on, his festering rage reaches a boiling point and he is faced with a choice: Let the Crawford’s cons destroy him, or re-focus his attention on doing good in the world and enjoying the enormous gift he has been given.

My Take:  Whenever I dream about winning a million dollars all I have to do is learn about people who have won a lot of money and how they have lost it all by spending it all or being swindled.  Randy Rush falls into the last category.  He won but was taken advantage of by some con men.  Like we all do we have to choose between revenge or trying to make good from the good we have been given.  It sounds like he did a lot of good in the beginning.  I am not 
going to spoil what happens after his being conned but this book is a good look at the good and bad of sudden windfalls.

I received a review copy of this book by Virtual Author Book Tours and was not required to write a positive post. 

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