Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book review of Wedding Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Wedding Day Murder (Lucy Stone, #8)

Wedding Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Reporter Lucy Stone juggles a tough deadline -- and a dead groom -- when she pursues a killer who will do anything to keep from being unveiled

My Take:  First I apoligize for this posting before I had written my review.  I try to set up the main things that pretty much common for all of my posts before hand so that all I have to do later is actually write the review.

I thought this was a typical Lucy Stone mystery.  I pretty much knew who was going to get killed, I kinda knew the plot twists.  I had a very strong hint of who did it.  I thought that there was more language in this book than in previous ones and definately more than  in most cozy mysteries that I read.  Lucy seems to be having trouble with her husband so I hope that it doesn't go the way it seems to be.  I have several more in this series so I hope that they are better than this one.  Definately not my favorite. 

This was taken from my personal library.

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