Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Flower Girl Murder by Keith Hirshland

The Flower Girl Murder

Daisy Burns was a likable, devoted wife and mother who spent her spare time volunteering at school events. Everyone loved Daisy. So why would someone shoot her three times and dump her body behind a Planned Parenthood chapter in North Carolina? 

With no witnesses and few leads, Raleigh detective Marc Allen turns to the press for help—specifically, veteran news anchor Lancaster Heart. Heart agrees to broadcast the police department’s plea for information in his nightly newscasts. 

Elderly viewer and longtime social worker Blanche Avery is positive she recognizes the photograph on the television as an older version of her friend Daisy— the young, heavily pregnant girl she met years before who made the decision to give her child up for adoption.

When Tanner Goochly Jr.—a member of a notorious crime family—becomes the victim of another point-blank shooting, Allen races to discover the connection between the murders. Could it be that Daisy was somehow involved with an illegal enterprise, or was she hiding something else, another secret to be discovered?

The body count is rising, and the suspect pool is widening. As Allen’s investigation reaches a fever pitch, he realizes that a mother’s choice could have killer consequences.

My Take:  This was not your typical crime mystery.  Daisy is found shot and then a member of a crime family is also found shot in the same way.  The mystery becomes about how everyone in the story is connected in some way and how the police go to the news for help.  I found that part a bit refreshing as the police usually don't like the news involved.  I thought the ending was a bit on the cliffhangery side.  This is the first book I have read by this author but I enjoyed it.  IT was a fairly short book so it was easy to get through.  

I received a review copy from Virtual Author Book Tours but the views are my own.  

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