Thursday, June 28, 2018

Awakening: Dreamer's Realm One by Karen Arnpriester

Awakening (Dreamers' Realm Book 1)

The horror of her sister's abduction and Lucinda's guilt manifest into years of acute insomnia. She appears to be miraculously healed when she participates in a test program that provides restful sleep but awakens a new dream realm ... an alternative existence where Lucinda can create and manipulate any fantasy inspired by her imagination. 

Lucinda's new realm is shattered by a dark evil that lurks there. Evil that is not confined to nightmares, but a sinister foe that also hunts for victims in the real world. 

Lucinda's discarded spiritual beliefs resurface and prompt her to begin a perilous journey against this very real threat; a heartless creature that destroys innocent lives. The dream realm, spiritual domain and Lucinda's physical reality integrate and twist together as Lucinda rediscovers her faith and confronts the monster that threatens her very life and those she loves.

My Take:   This book was a pleasant surprise all around.  The story that is told is the fantasy life of Lucinda after her sister is abducted.  There is alot to digest in this book and I found it a bit slow at first but the end was very fast paced and I found myself enjoying it a bit more than I thought.  I would recommend this book if you like fantasy but this is not a typical fantasy book.  

I received a review book from Pump Up Your Book but the reviews are my own.    

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