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Boo Who by Rene Gutteridge

Boo Who
Boo Who by Rene Gutteridge

From Goodreads:“Knock knock.” 
“Who’s there?” 
Nobody in Skary seems to know for sure…

It appears that everyone in Skary, Indiana, is having an identity crisis of epic proportions–including the town itself. Once known as the haunt of the world’s most popular horror writer, Wolfe “Boo” Boone, Skary started losing tourist business after Boo abruptly abandoned his career. Now the little town with the big marketing hook is up a creek–and on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Meanwhile, the former best-selling author is hawking [or selling] cars and wondering, like the rest of the world, if he’ll ever write again. Yet even as Boo’s literary career gracelessly plummets, his fiancée, wholesome Ainsley Parker, is shooting to stardom as the media’s darling new domestic diva. 

Weave in a dreaming bride with a bargain dress and a few too many pounds on her hips, an unconventional therapist who has Skary in his thrall, a depressed cat, a dogged busybody, and a horde of strange, ghostly figures traipsing in and out of the woods, and it’s easy to see why Skary is the quirkiest–and most charming–town around.

My take:  I really enjoyed the first book in this series  Boo so I tracked down a copy of the next book in the series.  I don't know why I took so long to read it.  I really enjoyed this book and will be tracking down the next one.  There is alot of humor in this book.  Like the way the sheriff is so worried after he has his cat fixed and the cat just doesn't seem like himself. There is also a mystery going on.  Who are all these strangers that are lurking around and why is there an owl hanging around.  This book was a little slow getting into but it was well worth it for the last part of the book.  A Very enjoyable book.  

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