Friday, September 21, 2012

Remember by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley Audio Review

Remember by Karen Kinsbury and Gary Smalley
Read by Sandra Burr

She has locked up her heart, convinced that no one - including God - could love her. Four unlikely people - Alzheimer's patients - find the cracks in Ashley's heart and slowly help her to remember.
Then comes the nightmare of September 11, which forever changes the lives of the Baxter family, causing them to remember what is important and leading them to make decisions that are both heartbreaking and hope-filled.
Landon Blake, who has loved Ashley since he was a teenager, tries to dull the pain of her rejection by immersing himself in the rescue efforts at Ground Zero.
Tragedy and healing...hurt and forgiveness. Redemption and powerful lessons about remembering. Novelist Karen Kingsbury and relationship expert Gary Smalley have teamed up to bring you an inspiring series of stories that explore the relationship principles Gary has been teaching for more than 30 years.

My Take:
I really like the Baxter Family.  This book came up on my list right as we were remembering the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and since the main theme of this book centered around those attacks I thought it was a great time to listen to it.  Different people grieve in different ways and even if they are in the same family they react differently as is shone very well in this book.  Landon needs to go to ground zero to try and find his friend who was working that fateful day.  Luke's girlfriends father was in one of the towers.  He is racked with guilt because she was with him and ignored her father's call the night before.  The Entire nation must ask their questions and figure out where God fits into all of this. 
The narrator did a good job of reading the story.  I don't think that there were any outstanding voices or anything although she did change her voice for the different characters a bit.  Again my main complaint about this audio production is that they only have the abridged version available on Audible.  There were times during the story that I felt like I was missing something from the story.  
This book was taken from my personal library.  
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  1. I haven't listened to Sandra Burr, glad to hear she was pretty good.


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