Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordon

My daughter has read this whole series and in anticipation of the movie coming out I decided to read them as well.
I thought this was really a good book.  There were some things that I found unbelievable but it is a book about Greek Gods and Goddess after all.

 I did like the way he did make a distinction between the gods and God.

Percy is a half-blood, half human half god.  He doesn't know this until he is 11.  He moves from school to school and never seems to fit in with the other kids.  Something weird always seems to happen.  When his mother determines that she can't protect him anymore she takes him to Camp Half-blood but is banished along the way.  At Camp Hal-blood percy learns more about himself and embarges on a quest across the country with two of his friends. 
This book is filled with action and will keep you and your children on the edge of your seats.

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