Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to reach your Full Potential for God by Charles Stanley

This book is just what it says it is, a book on how to reach your full potential for your walk with God.  Charles Stanley says that he got the idea for the book one night when he woke up and felt that God was telling him to write this book.
Although I have heard all that Stanley said in his book before he presented in a way that made me stop and reexamine my life and what I was doing with it.
The chapter that really hit me the most was chapter 3 in which he gives seven hurdles that you need to overcome to reach your full potential.  I realized after reading this chapter that I need to overcome several hurdles that have been slowing my growth and potential.
Other chapters in the book cover what Stanley calls essentials.  These are such things as Clean Heart, clean Mind and one things that I think most people struggle with a balanced schedule.
I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for things that may be in the way for you reaching your full potential.
I read this book for the Thomas Nelson Blogger Review program.   

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