Thursday, September 26, 2013

Music for Your Heart by Ace Collins

Music for Your Heart: Reflections from Your Favorite Songs
Music For Your Heart by Ace Collins

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days? Something abut its tune or lyrics impacts us and holds our attention. Why? How did the song come to be? Why was it written? And what does the song really mean? In Music for Your Heart, best-selling and award-winning author Ace Collins takes you behind the scenes of your favorite songs to show how the lyrics and music began. Through insider stories, artist bios, and inspiration from Scripture, Collins weaves stirring reflections on our adored and popular classics. Whether the featured song is a holiday carol, children s worship tune, or love song, each short chapter will inspire curious music enthusiasts as well as those seeking a book for a devotional meditation. Digging deep into the words and history of the music, these uplifting and informative reflections will warm the heart like the songs themselves. Songs include: - Jesus Loves Me - You Are My Sunshine - How Great Thou Art - White Christmas - Amazing Grace - Sweet, Sweet Spirit - Blue Moon - Jingle Bells - You Raise Me Up - Deep and Wide - I Will Always Love You - Moon River

My Take:  I really have enjoyed reading this book along with devotions.  I like learning the various stories behind these songs that everyone knows and I found myself singing these songs after I read the entry for that day.  I liked how the author tied in the Bible into the story even to songs that were not considered a Christian song.  Each entry will have you coming away with an " I didn't know that" moment.  You will be humming the various songs in your head and enjoying yourself immensely  

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion from Abingdon Press. 

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