Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration by Dr. Rita Garcia author of Kaleidoscope Summer

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration We are all created unique with a wide range of likes and dislikes. Some of us can work amongst a great deal of clutter—I’m not one of those. Others like a pristine and sparsely designed work area—I’m not among that group either. But no matter what our preference in design, having what we love and enjoy around us sparks our creative juices. When I’m writing the first draft of a novel, I enjoy a vase of fresh flowers—preferably roses from my garden. And being that I’m currently working on my new Serenity Cove Series, and my home doesn’t overlook the ocean—and traveling to Maui to write each novel isn’t feasible. smile I enjoy putting a DVD of the ocean on my large screen TV, along with mood music. I also love to use aromatherapy—my favorite essential oil is lavender. These things just seem to set the mood for writing inspirational romance. While clutter does not enhance my creativity, a room that is minimalistic would not be comfortable for me either. But I do want things that I find pleasing to look at and fabrics that are comfortable to the touch. Although I have a home office setup, that is not where I write. I use my laptop and get comfortable on my sofa, and since it’s winter, I have a fire going in the hearth. That along with the flowers, music, and aromatherapy sets the mood, and I can get lost in paradise with the interesting characters in Serenity Cove.

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