Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summer of Secrets by Charlotte Hubbard

Summer of Secrets
Summer of Secrets by Charlotte Hubbard


In the bestselling tradition of Beverly Lewis and Jan Karon, Hubbard presents a beautifully drawn new series, which follows the charming residents of Willow Ridge and the conflicts involving the old Amish ways in a modern world, and the temptations of leaving this plain heritage behind. Original.
My Take:  I really enjoyed this book.  It is a fresh perspective on the Amish story. 
Miriam, Rachel and Rhoda Lantz's lives are turned upside down when a girl who looks just like the twin girls comes into the cafe that they have started to help make a living since their father died.  She looks just like them except she has died black hair, black fingernail polish and has a skull tattoo on her shoulder.  The appearance of this girl starts a series of reveal long lost secrets long ago hidden and can have some very serious consequences in the hear and now. 
I would recommend this book if you like Amish stories but would like something just a little bit different. 
I received a review copy of this book.

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