Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Spotlight Against the Gates of Hell by Mylow A. Young

Against The Gates Of Hell
Against the Gates of Hell by Mylow A. Young

From Goodreads:
New Jack City and The Wire meet JESUS! Against The Gates of Hell is the story of twin brothers, Kerby and Herbert Wilson Jr. Other than the obvious, these two are so alike in that both of them deal with life controlling issues. Moreover, both are in very deep denial. As adults on the Philadelphia Police Force, both experience the affects and influence of drugs in their world. One would come to despise the very essence of it's culture, fighting to get them off the streets while the other would succumb to the lure of its deadly deception. How they would handle the many circumstances that would confront them would determine spiritual victory or defeat. Kerby is a man searching for identity, for love and acceptance. He would search for grace and mercy but would only find judgment and condemnation, from others and himself. A functional junkie, he's distraught that he pushed his wife out of his life, then the bottom falls out as he sells himself to his addiction. Now there's a price on his head and he has to face the wrath of the biggest drug dealer in Philly. Herby, or "Junior" his family affectionately call him, is a deacon at Living Waters Fellowship of Faith. Bitter after the lost of his parents and his brother's escape to the streets, he battles anger and a judgmental perspective. Then there is Rene, Herby's beautiful, spirit-filled wife, the glue that holds them all together. But who would be her glue when she feels weak under the burdens of family chaos? Jesus! This is a story of struggle and faith, of forgiveness, transformation and hope. This is a story of the love, power and Fatherhood of a gracious, merciful and forgiving God. This is a story, Kerby's fight for freedom, againstthe very gates of hell.

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