Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sarah's Song and Hannah's hope by Karen Kingsbury

I finished the final two books in the Red Gloves collection.  They were both okay but they liked the drama that I have come to know and appreciate from karne Kingsbury books.  Now I know that you can't pack alot fo drama in a novella but still I reaally like her full length books much better. 
For what they were these books were a quick read and just right for the Chrismas Season. 
Sarah's Song is about a lady who is in a nursing home and will prabably be celebrating her last Christmas and about an aide who is disallusioned with her marriage and has told her husband that she is leaving after Christmas.  Sarah has a ritual that she has 12 ornaments that represent part of her life and she wrote a song that goes along with the ritual.  You will have to read the book to find out what happens next.
Hannah's Hope is about a girl named Hannah whose mother tells her that the man she has thought is her father is really a stepfather.  The mother does this just to keep Hannah occupied over Christmas break as the parents are ambassadors and won't have time to come home.  Hannah's real father is in the army and is in Iraq on a special mission which he takes because he has given up hopw every finding his daughter.  Read it to find out what happens. 

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